The Best YouTube Python Videos

116120_8887I have been working on the full immersion theory of studying Python. I realized that I was not fully utilizing the hours I spend on the elliptical each week…

Therefore I have been collecting the best YouTube videos that I can find on the subject and saving them for viewing when I am burning thousands of calories…


Daniel Pyrathon
A practical guide to Singular Value Decomposition in Python – PyCon 2018



Python Flask Tutorial: Full-Featured Web App
Learning how to create forms and accept user input; how to validate that user input and notify the user if the input was invalid.



Python OOP – Deck of CardsCard, Deck, and Player classes written in Python.



A Random Walk & Monte Carlo Simulation

A random walk is a process where each step is chosen randomly. This technique has many applications.



Python: Lambda, Map, Filter, Reduce Functions

An intro to functional programming in Python 3 covering Lambda, Map, Filter and Reduce functions.


If you are looking to hire a Python coder… I am looking for the RIGHT opportunity to do cool things with Python for a company that I believe in.

Python for Security Professionals

Given the title of this blog you might expect this humble scribe to get jacked over the prospect of taking a class called Python for Security Professionals.  You would be correct.  My enthusiasm slowly waned as I slogged my way through it…

I took this class over at There are allot of classes at Cybrary ( say it out loud… ) of varying prices and levels of quality. To be fair that is not much different than competing services such as udemy.

Python for Security Professionals

First the good: This course is free, does a admirable job giving a working overview of Python, covers the basics of programming sockets in Python.

Not so good

The class is taught by Joe Perry who gives an un-even performance as an instructor. While this is a great topic and Mr. Perry has the outlines of a good course, it just doesn’t deliver at this point. Maybe re-tooling it, updating the downloadable source, and more effective audio/video editing? As is it is not effective.

While you can only complain so much for a free class I just cannot recommend investing your time in this class. There are other educational opportunities out there that offer more value in my opinion.

note: This is where I stumbled on the Breaking Down Security podcast, so I got that going for me…

Security Articles We’re Reading Today


7 Tips for Protecting Your Brand Against Cyberattacks
Peter Alexander has a nice write up over at AdWeek: The price of falling victim to cybercrime is much costlier than simply losing data. Cyberattacks can permanently tarnish a company’s reputation.

WordPress Security Checkup
In a way WordPress has become a victim of it’s own success. It has become such a popular platform for publishing web sites that hackers have targeted WordPress.

IT Budgets Shift to Address Cloud Security Threats
In a survey of 1,400 IT decision-makers, McAfee finds that budgets are shifting to accommodate changing cloud security threats.

How to add SSL and HTTPS to WordPress
Technology such as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS), exists to protect data entered into a browser as it flows from server to server.

Security being neglected in digital transformation push
A report by Cognizant’s Centre for the Future of Work claims less than a tenth of organization’s see cybersecurity as a board-level priority.

Security News & Links 4.20

WebAuthn is the new hotness – RIP Passwords
The other day the W3C announced a new standard for logging in called WebAuthn. It’s already supported by Firefox and will be supported by Chrome and Microsoft’s Edge directly.

New International Standard for information security
According to ISO staffer Barnaby Lewis, the new standard is intended to be “applicable to all types and size of organization from multinational business to small and medium-sized enterprises.

 Top 5 Best Ethical Hacking Courses for Programmers
If you are a programmer who wants to become an ethical hacker, here you’ll find 5 popular online courses.

AutoHotKey Malware Is Now a Thing
“Modern scripting languages like Python or PowerShell or VBScript are probably more powerful, but user interaction is harder to simulate with them,” Dr. Bontchev said.

Microsoft is turning to a former rival to improve security
Microsoft once deemed the free, open-source Linux system as a threat to its intellectual property, but has changed its approach in recent years.