Security News & Links 4.20

WebAuthn is the new hotness – RIP Passwords
The other day the W3C announced a new standard for logging in called WebAuthn. It’s already supported by Firefox and will be supported by Chrome and Microsoft’s Edge directly.

New International Standard for information security
According to ISO staffer Barnaby Lewis, the new standard is intended to be “applicable to all types and size of organization from multinational business to small and medium-sized enterprises.

 Top 5 Best Ethical Hacking Courses for Programmers
If you are a programmer who wants to become an ethical hacker, here you’ll find 5 popular online courses.

AutoHotKey Malware Is Now a Thing
“Modern scripting languages like Python or PowerShell or VBScript are probably more powerful, but user interaction is harder to simulate with them,” Dr. Bontchev said.

Microsoft is turning to a former rival to improve security
Microsoft once deemed the free, open-source Linux system as a threat to its intellectual property, but has changed its approach in recent years.

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